Blackpink Jisoo’s Bleached Hair is Insane

Ahh she’s so fxxking hot. The fans are going crazy. This was when she was going to Paris for a DIOR event.

Jisoo Jennie Rosé Lisa BLACKPINK Bleach Paris


1. [+43][-3] This is insane. What’s this smiley puppy.

2. [+42][-3] Ever since last time, her beauty peaks every time she’s attending DIOR’s fashion week.

3. [+12][-3] No but am I the only one who thinks her hairstyle is a pity considering how pretty her face is… Like I know that Jisoo’s face is super beautiful… Personally I think (her hairstyle) is kind of a shameㅠ

4. [+9][-1] I wonder how it feels to be that pretty.

5. [+8][-3] She said it’s a hairpiece! Haha, please correct your post.