BIGBANG ‘Still Life’ – # of Unique Listeners After 24 Hours

24 hours after the release of BIGBANG ‘Still Life’, the number of unique listeners gained was approximately 909K. 

They’re now the #1 (for the highest number of unique listeners on MelOn) since the chart’s reform.

Previous version of MelOn) 12 roof hits*

*Roof hit: # of people streaming & downloading a song has reached the max. score on MelOn’s graph.
1 roof hit = a song maintained its max. score every 5 minutes for 1 hour. 


1. [+174][-10] This is just fxxking insane kekekekeke

2. [+163][-0] As expected from BIGBANG? Kekekekekeke They’re indeed super powerful.

3. [+162][-10] Top 100, #72…. A fansong released in 2018…

4. [+84][-5] 900K is really crazy. Plus, it was a midnight release keke If it was a 6pm release, I think they might’ve been able to hit 1M. A bit of a shame.

5. [+54][-7] Missed them.