Now that I Think About it, NMIXX Sullyoon’s Freaking Amazing

She’s not involved in any controversies,

and the moment her cover of ‘Full Moon’ came out, Sullyoon’s classmates immediately said she’s super kind, studies really hard, and a lot of people are jealous of her. They also said they really hope she succeeds ㅜ

Her face is also insanely beautiful.


1. [+148][-4] You can tell from a person’s face that they have a kind personality..

2. [+85][-2] For real, she started becoming a trainee in 2017 but she’s not involved in any controversies…

3. [+61][-4] She’s really freaking perfect. Her face is so amazing.

4. [+36][-1] And she was also the student council president. Apparently she was really good at studies.

5. [+26][-0] For real, if you look at what her classmates posted, it’s all good things about her. She’s super beautiful both on the outside and on the inside.