Is NMIXX’s Live Singing Real…

They did a rendition of ‘Kill This Love’ and all of them did super well. Their vocal tones were insane. Especially Jiwoo and Kyujin – compared to their title track, I feel like they were able to showcase their vocal tones better here. And nothing much needs to be said about Sullyoon, Lily and Haewon, they’re just fxxking dope kekeke kekeke They don’t feel like rookies.


1. [+155][-41] I think they’re the top vocalists in the 4th gen, for real… It’s not just one of them who can sing well, the whole group is just insanely amazing.

2. [+87][-6] Haaa I like this so much. It would’ve been nice if Jinni was there too though..

3. [+76][-2] Very few people mention BAE but her low range vocal tone is really good ㅜㅜ Even those who are not part of the vocal-line are at the same level as lead vocalists. I think they’re a group who can break the bias about JYPE artists being incompetent.

4. [+33][-6] I like NMIXX so much… I feel like I’m gonna become a fans oon.

5. [+26][-39] They sing better than BP.