The Difference Between the Comeback Stages of Groups from Big Agencies vs Small/Medium-Sized Agencies

I’m speechless…. Normally those from small/medium-sized agencies try very hard to not make themselves look like they’re not from big agencies, but whether it’s the outfits or the stage setup, Brave Girls’ agency seems to be screaming out loud with all their strength to tell the whole world they’re a small/medium sized agency. Even Red Velvet’s ‘RBB’ outfits are better than that…. Ha


1. [+249][-1] But the problem is not the size/scale of the agency, I think Brave Entertainment is the issue here.. Normally it’s not this bad for other small/medium-sized agencies.

2. [+162][-0] Even if it’s the broadcast station in charge of the styling, the money is from their agency. This means Brave Girls’ agency is just not investing shit in them at all lmao kekekekeke 

3. [+133][-1] But just because they’re from a small/medium-sized agency doesn’t automatically mean it’s gonna be like that though. Just looking at BTS, when BigHit was still a small/medium-sized agency, they still invested a ton in their stages.

4. [+48][-1] Even if they’re from a small/medium-sized agency, if the agency knows how to dress them well, they dress well. When OH MY GIRL first debuted, they were famous for getting nice outfits, and the outfits of WJSN / IVE are alright too.

5. [+8][-0] Whether the agency is big or small/medium-sized, this kind of problem is just not right. It’s really case by case for every singer.