Out of All the Female Idols You’ve Seen..

Is there anyone who makes you think – she’s my type?

For me it’s: (G)I-DLE Miyeon, ITZY Ryujin and STAYC Sumin.

I feel like these 3 are exactly my type.


1. [+93][-17] Tzuyu Yuna Miyeon Irene Jisoo Bona

2. [+62][-15] Recently it’s Miyeon Sana Luda

3. [+61][-13] Legendary YoonSuSul (Yoona Suzy Sulli)

4. [+34][-14] Lovely Sullyoonie haa.. Cutie baby ㅠㅠ❤️

5. [+32][-14] Tbh, looking only at visuals, it’s Irene

6. [+32][-5] Girls with pretty faces and super sweet personalities – Miyeon Sana Rosé

7. [+28][-1] NMIXX Jinni.. I’m not interested in girl groups but she’s so pretty

8. [+22][-4] Kim Minjoo

9. [+21][-1] Ryujinie

10. [+20][-2] TWICE Nayeon and Red Velvet Joy. For real, both of them have ‘juicy faces’, they’re so pretty..

11. [+19][-6] Jennie and Jang Wonyoung.