Phone Camera Pics of Joy at the Concert in Jakarta..

She looked super refreshing in that yellow outfit yesterdayㅠ

Red Velvet ReVel Joy

I watched a video and it was dope how the Indonesian fans were singing along to her part in ‘Feel my Rhythm’


1. [+23][-3] A juicy-looking (healthy, vibrant) face as expected keke She’s like a walking lemonade.

2. [+23][-3] Joy became cuter after cutting her fringe ㅠ She looks perfect in yellow

3. [+20][-2] Looking refreshing even in pics taken with a phone camera ㅠㅠ Freaking beautiful

4. [+10][-1] I fxxking love Joy’s duality – expressionless vs smiling. She looks like an elegant princess when she’s expressionless, but she’s so bright when she smiles.

5. [+5][-2] She’s tried this hairstyle before right?? She was really pretty at that time too. Fringe + tied-up hair is freaking beautiful..