How is NCT’s New Song ‘[Buffering] (Glitch Mode)’?

What do you think about NCT DREAM’s new song ‘[Buffering] (Glitch Mode)’? Feel free to leave your opinions.


1. [+260][-20] I like the vocal part. Please increase the proportion of vocals.

2. [+237][-14] I like the part from the line ‘In front of you, glitch mode’ but what should I say? The song’s cute? I think it’s kinda cute.

3. [+211][-26] The song is fun and strongly addictive so I think it’s gonna do well.

4. [+106][-3] Honestly, I liked it. But because the reactions are not good, so I’ve just been staying shut. The song is additive and nice – following ‘My First And Last’ , ‘We Go Up’, and ‘BOOM’, this is my next favourite NCT DREAM title track. It’s original and unique, and those who didn’t like it will prolly change their minds after watching the MV. You’ve gotta check the MV out for this song.

5. [+103][-5] Huang Renjun’s part before the chorus is legendary.