Which girl group is the rep of the 2nd gen?

Pick only one group.

SNSD – Upvote

WG – Downvote


1. [+790][-545] If Wonder Girls hadn’t gone to the US, SNSD wouldn’t have received any attention.

2. [+733][-29] Looking at short-term impact, it’s Wonder Girls. Looking at the 2nd gen as a whole, it’s SNSD.

3. [+433][-286] SNSD is just an all-time legend. It’s still SNSD even if we’re looking at all the generations. People on Pann really so fxxking hard to bring SNSD down.

4. [+286][-59] They were indeed rivals at that time but Wonder Girls was the one-top, wdym kekeke Even before they went to the US, Wonder Girls had always been the nation’s girl group.

5. [+252][-53] I can never forget that feeling during the ‘Tell Me’ era. It’s ‘Tell Me’ and not ‘Growl’ that got the whole country so excited.