This Is What’s Gonna Happen If K-Dramas Were Exported To Japan

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Reply 1994

Reply 1988

The Rebel

Love in the Moonlight

Be Melodramatic

Ms. Hammurabi

Man to Man

Hello Monster (aka Remember You)


1. [+255][-0] They’ve caught the pink-syndrome over there as well.

2. [+190][-5] They changed it to China-style.

3. [+51][-0] No but even from a Japanese person’s perspective I think the Korean posters look prettier. The pink is just too much.

4. [+51][-0] They really emphasise the romance part of the drama.

5. [+25][-0] Looking at this, Korea is really good at making posters for dramas. The special bits are shown well and they look really nice.