Compilation of the Visual Lines of JYP Girl Groups

‘But still, it’s Sohee’

Wonder Girls Sohee

‘Nation’s First Love’

miss A Suzy

‘This is why Tzuyu is called Tzuyu’


‘More like an actress than actresses’


‘Audition Free-Pass’

NMIXX Sullyoon (NEW!!!)

They’re really the great masters of girl group visuals

I like them all. I like them a lot.


1. [+31][-3] Jinni is pretty too, JYP visuals are the best…

2. [+24][-3] Apart from the main visual members, there are lots of pretty members in JYP girl groups too.

3. [+14][-0] I like Yuna because she looks like a doll ㅠ

4. [+12][-0] Looks like I like JYP-faces.

5. [+10][-0] Kyujin looks freaking cute too.