I’m a fool for thinking this in the past… I took a look at her Instagram and she’s really so pretty. 

I’m curious how much pretty she’ll get when she becomes an adult haha


1. [+39][-3] Yuna’s been super pretty since the year-end ceremonies… Why is she like this… I’m seriously fainting because of her visuals.

2. [+21][-0] Yuna’s really pretty these days!!!

3. [+20][-0] She’s really a goddess.

4. [+10][-1] But did you really think that way even though you’re not an aggro?? I’ve never once in my life liked any JYPE idols but I was staring at Yuna’s debut fancams…

5. [+5][-0] Subjectively I think she’s the prettiest female idol these days.