But I Think Jung Haein Made My Heart Flutter Real Hard With This

He posted a picture of Jisoo who was taking a picture of him


1. [+44][-5] Super heart-fluttering for real. And also how he posted the paper plane on Jisoo’s birthday ㅠ I’m going crazy, seriously.

2. [+38][-8] For real, super heart-fluttering – that’s the most heart-fluttering thing I’ve ever seen.

3. [+36][-10] The 2 of them should meet again in a modern drama in the future ㅠㅠ Ending it like this is such a waste of their chemistry, I’m going crazy.

4. [+26][-3] After telling Jisoo she looks like Judy, Jung Haein has been doing this to Jisoo whenever they take photos together kekekekeke

5. [+24][-2] kekekeke