Rosé’s x O!Oi- The New Collection is Insane

No but it seems like these items were made to match Rosé though?

It’s this kind of brand??? Some of them look like luxury brand items.


1. [+50][-8] Can’t believe she turned Homeplus into a luxury brand, Rosé ㅠ

2. [+28][-3] The pyjama bottoms are pretty, I wanna buy them.

3. [+24][-6] Agreed x2!!! Rosé, saranghae ㅠ Rosé is just luxurious……

4. [+8][-2] Whattt she’s so freaking pretty;

5. [+6][-1] It’s really amazing how Rosé gives off a totally different vibe in every photoshoot.. Instead of a standard beautiful face, her face is more charismatic and dreamlike, that’s why she’s really like a model.