Jang Wonyoung’s Hands Are Seriously So Beautiful

Wonyoungie’s hands are so slender.. Her hands are really so soft and beautiful like jade.


1. [+46][-2] Among all girl group idols… I think Jang Wonyoung is the second idol, following Nara from Hello Venus, who has everything that you can’t get no matter how hard you try if you’re not naturally born that way…… LOLLLLLL Both of them have nice hands, small faces, tall heights, nice curves, nice proportions…..

2. [+44][-2] I feel like she’s pretty from head to toe, even her bones.

3. [+33][-1] Jang Wonyoung is born with everything that a human being can have.

4. [+11][-2] WWonyoungie’s fingers are long but her palm is really small. That’s why when she holds a fist her hands become super tiny.

5. [+8][-1] Not one thing about Wonyoungie is not pretty.