TWICE’s Popularity in the US is Fxxking Screwed

Oh nope, sorry that’s not true. People think they’re screwed but their NY concert tickets for their US tour sold out.


1. [+69][-9] They became the one-top in just a few months after debut. Even though it’s contract renewal season, they’re still snatching girl group awards, reaching their career high (peak of career), doing a Dome Tour & a North American Tour. They’re really so amazing kekekekekeke

2. [+27][-2] I live in NY and my coworker (2nd gen immigrant from China) also bought tickets for 2 consecutive days in the weekend *shook* TWICE seems to be really popular, even here.

3. [+16][-3] TWICE is so awesome…

4. [+13][-1] Huge congrats to themㅠㅠ I hope Jeongyeon takes good care of her health tooㅠㅠ Teudoongi (nickname for TWICE members), please don’t fall sickㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+3][-0] Wow it’s really been a while since I’ve seen a group who’s consistently at the top.