It Hasn’t Even Been an Hour Since NMIXX’s Studio Choom Video Release but the Views are Insane

It already surpassed 200k views.


1. [+163][-19] kekekekeke This shows how serious people are about NMIXX’s Studio Choom appearance kekekeke But I was also waiting for the release and I watched it immediately haha

2. [+154][-15] The addictiveness is insane as expected. I’ve been looking at Kyujinie’s talents.

3. [+147][-3] Wow the views are increasing exponentially *shook* It;s almost 400k now.

4. [+25][-1] But it’s seriously fun to watch their performances kekekekekeke They’re so fxxking good at performing.

5. [+21][-1] This is what I felt while watching their Studio Choom video: Kyujinie surprisingly stands out – her talents are overflowing.