Sharing BF Pics of MONSTA X Who Will Never Be My BF Even If I Die & Reborn Twice

The proportion of Lee Minyhuk & Chae Hyungwon is overwhelmingly high.


1. [+50][-1] The PC room oppa back then..

2. [+44][-0] But OP, that title is just so cruel.

3. [+35][-0] If the ‘next life’ exists… please let me be intertwined super closely with these men.

4. [+27][-0] More like a husband than a boyfriend. Ahh seriously, I’m ‘violently’ getting married with Son Hyunwoo (Shownu)

5. [+23][-0] My husband-to-be tearing up when he saw a video clip full of our memories being played at our wedding ceremony.