6th year idol TWICE!

But they’ve had no solos / units so far

There’s no plans even for the coming few years?

Of course we have to talk with our agency

But if, we decide to promote as units

We might neglect group promotions

A leader who wants to promote as a group for a very long time

Do all the members think the same?


I saw this, that’s why.

It’s not that TWICE cannot go solo, they just ‘chose not to’.


1. [+775][-305] Isn’t it because they don’t have the competence to? Are there any members in TWICE who can actually succeed as a soloist?

2. [+362][-88] If they’re doing well as a group, there’s no particular reason why they have to go solo.

3. [+234][-86] They’re not releasing solos because their teamwork has always been amazing. Even if they decide to promote as soloists / units, I hope they do it later in the future and not now since we’re gonna be together for a very long time anyway. They should wait till they step down from tier 1.

4. [+164][-18] Does TWICE have any members who are capable of going solo / acting / going on variety shows?

5. [+160][-24] JYP is smart. If he makes them go solo, it will just expose the fact that they’re not talented. That’s why he’s not making them go solo.