Wonyoungie’s Face Really Looks Like It’s Edited By An App

(It’s actually not)

Her fansign previews were released.

And I was fxxking shocked.

Even if you used Snow 100 times, you still won’t be able to look like her.

She’s seriously so pretty.

Her eyes look so twinkly as if the pictures have been edited, but apparently they’re not edited at all.

I really thought – people like her should really be celebs.

She’s really like the lead in a comic.

Feels like she’ll appear in a romantic comic.

Seriously, how can her face look like this…

It’s so ethereal, so pretty..

Is she not an angel?

I mean she’s wearing a devil headband,

But all I see is an angel;;

Baby princess.

It’s so amazing how pretty she is.. No but how…? Is this real..?

She’s so pretty, so cute, I’m envious. I suddenly wanna look like Wonyoungie ㅜ

I’ll end this with a high-res pic taken by me.

Wow…. She’s not human (in a good way)

She looks like CG (in a good way22)

Snow human,,, (in a good way333)



1. [+31][-1] Wow but she’s really so fxxking pretty.

2. [+24][-15] She’s indeed the best idol in history.

3. [+14][-18] I went from stanning IU to stanning Jang Wonyoung.

4. [+12][-0] I just wanna ask, is it even possible for a human being to look like that.. I feel like Wonyoungie is #1 for female idols and Eunwoo is #1 for male idols.

5. [+9][-3] Even her moles are pretty, I can’t even ke