Yoona & Karina Shocked Me So Fxxking Much

Do those proportions even make sense… Even considering that Yoona’s in the back, she’s still killing me.


1. [+144][-24] Yoona is an all-time legend. But aespa also has nice proportions and they’re pretty too. They’re all pretty.

2. [+79][-51] Yoona’s face is really legendarily small… I’ve seen a 2-shot of Yoona and Karina, and Karina appeared as though she has a big face.

3. [+66][-52] How on earth does Karina’s face look big when she’s next to Yoona? Karina just looks short, but her face is smaller, bullshit kekekekeke Just leave aespa alone, seriously, you crazy Pann-nyeos.

4. [+48][-5] Yoona ain’t SNSD’s centre for no reason.. Not to mention that the aespa members are wearing heeled shoes while Yoona’s wearing flat-sole sneakers *shook*. She really has non-human proportions.

5. [+42][-6] Of course, Yoona is SNSD’s centre kekekeke Setting proportions or whatsoever aside, the fact that you’re comparing her with Karina is already kekeke