Sharing GIFs Of Jun Jihyun

I’ll share GIFs of Jun Jihyun that I’ve saved up till now since I don’t have any storage left.


1. [+186][-7] No but her face is freaking amazing, she’s fxxking pretty. There are many actresses who have double eyelids and there are many who have small faces and look like dolls too but even so Jun Jihyun is just unrivaled…; The way her eyes, nose, lips and ears come together just gives an even more refreshing feeling? And she looks pure and innocent + her height and proportions are non-human;; Is that even possible ㅠ 

2. [+174][-1] 104

3. [+124][-2] It’s amazing because despite being one of the actresses who showed her easy-going side a lot, she still feels mysterious… A lot of her ads are also like comics but her existence itself is just..

4. [+124][-3] Personally I think she’s the woman in our country who has the most things kekekekekekekekekeke She’s even born to a freaking rich family…. Of course I know she works very hard too, but I’m seriously so envious.

5. [+86][-93] It’s really amazing how even after giving birth to 2 kids she’s still not a full-time mom… After Kim Taehee got married and had kids, she immediately became a full-time mom…