IVE’s Real Time Departure for Germany

Jang Wonyoung An Yujin Rei Leeseo Gaeul Liz


1. [+89][-13] Look at her posing in the middle kekekeke Cute

2. [+88][-8] Gaeul’s outfit is kinda ‘hip’, her short hair is really pretty

3. [+63][-4] Jang Wonyoung is really… Freaking superior kekeke

4. [+57][-3] I’ve grown so fxxking fond of Gaeul recently ㅠ For real for real, she looked so good in that Prada top like it’s a perfect match. She looks sporty because she suits her short hair. She’s really my type.

5. [+13][-33] Jang Wonyoung’s legs are beyond skinny. There’s only skin on top of her bones… Please put on some weight