They look really kind. Like they’re really pretty but they look kind.

That’s what I feel whenever I see the 3 of them. Don’t y’all think so too?

1. [+10][-3] Cutie

2. [+8][-0] Jo Miyeon is pwetty♡

3. [+7][-0] Miyeon-ah, saranghae ♥

4. [+6][-6] This is really just my personal opinion, but I think Jisoo is #1 among female idols in terms of looks.

5. [+5][-3] Even her bareface is… pretty ㅠ

6. [+5][-3] Her eyes, nose, mouth are all pretty.

7. [+4][-2] Thank you for being born into this world.

8. [+4][-2] Paris Jisoo.