BLACKPINK received lots of presents because it’s their 5th anniversary.

Fxxking envious.

BP 5th anniversary.





Life must be so interesting.

Since they’re pretty, young, rich, and they receive much love.


1. [+265][-3] Of course presents are good, but I’m most envious of the sincerity of things like cakes… The fans must have designed them sincerely while thinking of the members. It must really feel like they’re loved when they receive those things.

2. [+219][-5] Just from the pics you can tell they’re fxxking happy…

3. [+161][-2] Their houses must be buried with gifts kekekekekeke

4. [+72][-1] Look at what Lee Minho got for his birthday, very shook kekeke Celebrities live in a different world, as expected.

5. [+65][-7] If they keep on receiving so many things, honestly they’re just gonna be interested in actual stuff. How are they even gonna deal with things like flowers, it must be frustrating.

6. [+46][-5] Chaeyoungie’s anniversary support!!

7. [+42][-2] This is Jisoo’s anniversary support.

8. [+38][-2] If I only get to live once, I wanna try living a life like that too.

9. [+36][-3] Wow life must be really good kekekekekekeke

10. [+35][-4] Jendeukie’s 5th anniversary support!

11. [+30][-2] Celebrities are the royals of the 21st century.