Kim Jungwoo who’s plucking a peach for his sunbae-nim kekeke The friendship between SM idols is so fxxking good❤


1. [+14][-0] I feel like Jungwoo and Kai click well with each other for real… Jungwoo’s also the type who won’t say it out if he dislikes something, and both of them are INFJ so I feel like they’ll get along well..? Doesn’t Kai-nim have a really soft personality? Anyway, he is really my eye-candy ㅠㅠ I love both of them so fxxking much.

2. [+7][-0] Kim Jongin is cute❤

3. [+5][-0] Can’t believe it’s my bias with Kai…❤️❤️

4. [+6][-0] Both of them are INFJ!

5. [+4][-0] Wow can’t believe my faves are dancing together I’m shooketh.