BTS V unfollowed Jennie’s Instagram account after following it.

And the current situation on Jennie’s Instagram:

She’s being attacked by BTS’s international fans.


1. [+854][-30] Jennie’s the one who’s being attacked even though she didn’t do anything but BTS fans are going crazy saying things like ‘let’s not feed them attention’.

2. [+556][-39] Is Jennie not planning to stop these comments? I really feel so bad for her cus she’s being attacked.

3. [+518][-9] If people didn’t know what’s happening they’d prolly think Jennie is in the wrong. I know it’s not day one that international fans behave that way but seriously why are they like that?

4. [+359][-3] V is the one who clicked follow. Why are his fans saying things like ‘leave him alone’? Seriously, why are these people like that?

5. [+248][-25] It’s true that V clicked follow by accident. Right now people are going mad in female celeb galleries talking bullshit about Jennie x V. They’re coming at posts like this one too, trying to start a fight between the two fandoms. Please, don’t feed them attention here.

V: Is there no way to disable following recommendations on Instagram?…. Such a scary app.