TWICE Chaeyoung’s Whereabouts kekekeke

She’s fxxking beautiful. She has a small face, big eyes, sharp nose, and even her lips are pretty..;;


1. [+182][-2] This is how important personal color is.. Her visuals are revived by her black hair.

2. [+154][-4] The fact that she still stands out in that background;; Her styling is a lot more refreshing too, feels like I’m watching Sixteen all over again.

3. [+44][-60] If only she was talented and skilled, it would be great.. What a pity.

4. [+35][-6] Mina is also legendarily pretty, it really struck me after after seeing this picture.

5. [+30][-0] Chaeyoung has always been pretty; it’s just that her personal taste in fashion and style is more funky and complicated, which distracts people from her pretty face.

6. [+24][-1] Personally I think Chaeyoungie is the prettiest in TWICE.
7. [+23][-0] She looks prettier with long hair, it suits her more.