Whereabouts of BTS Jin whose physique is super slender

But shoulders are wide

His wrists and his ankles are all skinny, his waist is skinny too.

His hands are small too, that’s why his fist looks like a bean.

??????? Shoul…ders…???

I’m really just like wow.

His shoulders are super wide.

They’re 90 degrees.

Makes me think it must feel uncomfortable when he’s lying down on his side.

He’s been skinny recently, that’s why he doesn’t feel buff.

But because of his tall height and wide shoulders, he has perfect physique even with just a white shirt on.

And also his face is small.

His face looks like innocent manga material but what’s up with his shoulders.

The fact that there’s someone like him..

The fact that someone like him exists in this world..

So thankful for that, thank you for being an idol.

Ending this with his beauty which can be described with the word pure.

Jin you should.. Get married (with me).


1. [+69][-0] But… I’m sick of saying this once again but…. He’s really so handsome. He’s so good-looking.

2. [+64][-0] What’s up with his shoulders, how’s he gonna sleep lying on his side like this? Daebak kekekekeke

BTS Jin physique figure

3. [+57][-0] The beauty that’s shining on AMAs as always .

4. [+19][-0] Congrats to BTS on their daesang today. He looks so cute from behind.

5. [+16][-0] He’s really so fxxking handsome.. No matter how much I look at him I still can’t get used to it.. Every time I see him I think he’s handsome.. Seokjin ah, you’re my heart.