Karina Who Took Off Her Mask When Passing Through Customs

Just excited and happy

She went immediately after finishing last night’s online concert.. She dyed her hair.


1. [+64][-9] She’s a legend. I went ‘omg’ after seeing her face without a mask.

2. [+55][-9] (best comment) Yoo Jimin who’s prettier without a mask, saranghae~

3. [+21][-1] She must feel unfair having to wear a mask (and to hide her pretty face).. Ke

4. [+14][-1] She’s really so pretty ㅠ The many downvotes must be coming from people who are jealous haha

5. [+13][-2] I’ve never thought Karina’s THAT pretty but after seeing a comparison between her with and without a mask, I think she’s freaking beautiful…  Is it because I’m the type to deceive people about my looks by wearing a mask, f**kㅜ