He’s not just doing it, he’s really good at it.

It’s not because he’s using any trick.

It’s just that the way he talks, his face, and the things he does are so fxxking heart-fluttering..

He’s just showing the cake but the way he looks into the camera..

Every little moment is cute.

He’s just fixing his hair but my heart’s kinda fluttering..

Even when he’s looking into the camera with a sleepy face, it’s heart-fluttering.

The little things he does are also out of the blue and cute kekeke

A round human who has an overflowing presence.

He’s not the talkative type, but when he quietly talks about his own stuff, he’s good at it..

His face is already like a narrative and his voice is already like a BGM..

His face is already the best.

Pout 1

Pout 2

Pout 3

Having someone so handsome like him make eye contact with you and sing for you for 2 hours straight.. It would be weird to think it’s boring..

BTS Jungkook.. Watch his live broadcast.. Your life will be filled with happiness..

Ahh kekekeke Obviously he sings well live as well♡


1. [+228][-6] Haa.. I really agree with this. During their recent group live broadcast, I thought it was 2016 when I saw his face. Also, his existence is just heart-fluttering. I’m speechless.

2. [+212][-3] Huuuuuu *sobs* ㅠㅜ

3. [+61][-0] The reason why Jeon Jungkook can hit 20 million views and 2.1 billion hearts during a live broadcast is because he sings 100% live every time. And he’s basically the only idol who can sing so well live.

4. [+55][-1] I really like how he doesn’t hesitate at all and he never skips any song requests. It’s amazing how he sings everything for us live.

5. [+46][-0] He’s good even at things that he doesn’t try hard to do well in.. And things that he tries hard for, the quality of his work is always extremely high.. I’m a fan of Jeon Jungkook’s visuals, of his singing, of his performances.. This naturally born heart-fluttering human being..