TVXQ – Mirotic

SUPER JUNIOR – Sorry Sorry

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

BIGBANG – Lies, Haru Haru, Fantastic Baby, Loser, Bang Bang Bang

GD – Crooked

EXO – Growl

WINNER – Really Really

iKON – Love Scenario

BTS – Spring Day, Dynamite

More in the comments, gogo! 


1. [+358][-105] No matter how hard people try to bring down EXO and ‘Growl’, there’s definitely no way because they went through all of this – becoming the first million seller in 12 years with ‘Growl’, uniting boy group fandoms, making it onto Gaon’s Chart for 2 consecutive years, and opening the door to the 3rd gen of boy groups. This is not even a tiny bit exaggerated, and they were a craze in the country back then.

2. [+307][-346] Why is ‘Spring Day’ on there? It’s only a hit-song among ARMYs, f.

3. [+126][-7] I was really surprised when I first listened to ‘Lies’… I get goosebumps just from the piano intro.

4. [+126][-11] I approve all of that and to add onto the list: 2PM – Heartbeat, BEAST – Fiction, and INFINITE – Be Mine… What you say is right.

5. [+98][-8] BIGBANG wasn’t only popular with girls, even guys liked them so fxxking much. Whenever we go to karaoke, the first thing we do is select all BIGBANG songs, including GD and Taeyang’s solo songs.