I pick Taeyong haha

Lmk down below if you can think of any other idols!


1. [+230][-49] If we’re talking about the best in this aspect, of course it’s Kim Taehyung.

2. [+169][-61] Jungkookie

3. [+156][-62] Tbh it’s Park Jimin

4. [+92][-41] EXO Kai – best dancer chosen by idols for 4 consecutive years. For your reference, the EXO members never participated in the voting. And people from the same industry know best. ⭕⭕“Korea’s first’ official global ambassador of Gucci = EXO Kai.⭕⭕ Kai’s the official “human Gucci”.

5. [+89][-33] Byun Baekhyun

6. [+30][-30] To be honest, if you’re talking about facial expression master, it’s Taeyong.

7. [+30][-24] F**k

8. [+28][-9] Oh Sehunnie

9. [+27][-17] Jaehyun

10. [+26][-5] Jennie

11. [+22][-2] Leaders in this field are V and Kai. These two are usually mentioned as role models by other idols.