Jungkook Attacking Haters Real-Time kekeke

Seriously haters, so what? Deal with it! kekekekekeke That was so fxxking satisfying.

RM: You said you have something to say right.

Jungkook: I have something to say to people whom I don’t really like.

Rest of BTS: What is it??!!!!!

Jungkook: So what? Deal with it~~~!!!!!!!!!

They said these lines during their online concert right before they performed ‘So What’.

Haters, y’all are feeling annoyed again after being attacked right? kekekekeke


1. [+429][-11] Indeed, so what? kekekekekeke Fxxk them, so what? BTS is already world-class, deal with it kekekekekeke

2. [+335][-7] And I fxxking liked how ‘So What’ came on right after that. ‘I don’t wanna care!!!! So what!!!! Let go!!!’

3. [+308][-5] ‘So What’ is a fxxking hit.

Click here for English translation to the song.

4. [+83][-0] His chest is breathtaking.

5. [+81][-0] ??? I should reflect on myself for thinking that crop-tees look meh on male idols.

6. [+76][-70] Upvote downvote; I like Jungkook so much.

7. [+71][-67] Upvote downvote; Jungkook’s personality is kind, naive, child-like, straightforward and cool but at the same time he’s energetic and mentally strong. His personality is really charming.