She looks like a sunbae who’s a department rep in uni. Faq, so similar omgㅠ unnie ㅠㅠ


1. [+115][-16] If I’m about to attend an online class and I see a sunbae like her when I log into zoom… I feel like… I’m gonna be super happy….

2. [+107][-16] She really looks like a uni student in this one. Gf who’s sending me a pic of her in her new hoodie.

3. [+98][-12] This one is really a gf-pic.

4. [+88][-0] There are too many kids saying things like how she’s like your girlfriend. Stop dreaming, this is your ‘girlfriend’, ae-Karina.

5.[+55][-0] She really looked like a uni ambassador / model on this day.

6. [+26][-1] Yoo Jimin sunbae..

7. [+38][-2] Karina has a friendly big sister vibe.

8. [+35][-35] Upvote downvote this ㄱㄱㄱ