Gonna watch – upvote

Not gonna watch – downvote


1. [+175][-21] If a new season really were to air, those who said they’re not gonna watch are prolly all gonna end up watching keke When PDX101 was about to air, people started off saying they’re not gonna watch, but in the end Pann was just filled with posts about PDX101.

2. [+93][-18] Frankly speaking, I would watch.

3. [+50][-10] But if there’s no faking / manipulation, people like Jang Moonbok are gonna get picked though?

4. [+26][-0] Looking at how badly Girls Planet went, it prolly won’t be interesting even if a new PD101 season were to air….

5. [+15][-0] I would watch if there’s no faking / manipulation.