Karina Has A Medium Hairstyle Now….

I saw this on Twitter, and I screamed the moment I saw it…. Crazy ㅠㅠㅠ Freaking pretty ㅠㅠㅠ

Can aespa please try the pure/innocent concept once… If not then at least the NAVIS concept please…

+ So this is not considered medium-length… I don’t really know about girls’ hair length so I just wrote medium like what the Twitter post said, I thought that was right… But anyway, please show Karina some love~


1. [+147][-35] But I feel like Karina can pull off literally any hairstyle, for real. Cus her face is so small like a quail egg, she’ll look pretty whether she has long / short hair, whether she’s in the awkward stage of growing her hair out or whether her hair is all-back. It’s really a blessing to have a nice face shape.

2. [+104][-38] It’s got nothing to do with her hairstyle, her unique vibe is just really beautiful.

3. [+44][-8] So happy to see Jiminie after so long.

4. [+26][-4] Yoo Jimin is the best, how will she not be pretty?

5. [+24][-3] Yea she’s pretty but can aespa’s makeup team please give Karina lighter makeup ㅠ She looks way prettier with pure-looking light makeup rather than dark makeup with lots of shadow.