Yoo Jimin, that’s a bit too much…

Fan: Jimin ah, unnie prepared something~~

Karina: Hmm?

Fan: I’m looking forward to Jimin’s witty answers~

Karina: W..what is it?

Fan: I fell off ths stairs yesterday…

Fan: So is this the stairs’ fault or my fault?

Karina: Of course it’s the stairs’ fault.

Fan: I was working at my office today and I got a paper cut…

Karina: Omg

Fan: Is this the paper’s fault or my fault?

Karina: Of course it’s the paper’s fault!!!!

Fan: Jimin, why are you so good at this? kekekekekeke

Karina: Ikr haha ikr xd

Fan: But Jimin…. last night

Fan: I couldn’t fall asleep because I was watching videos of you.

Fan: Who’s fault is this?

Karina: I think it’s… my fault… Sowwyyy..

Sincere apology with a cute face!

This is really beneficially harmful for me…. Seriously, why are you like this to me, Yoo Jimin;;


1. [+180][-22] The fan was weird for asking questions like that.

2. [+135][-20] This is why she has so many hardcore fans, she’s so fxxking nice to her fans for real ㅜㅜ This GIF is Karina in a video fansign.

3. [+89][-16] Wow, I’m not her fan but the way she raised her arms waiting to get punished is so fxxking cute.

4. [+57][-21] Being an idol is such an extreme and demanding job.

5. [+40][-4] Other people might not know that Karina’s cute but we stan her because she’s cute. She’s so lovely ㅠ

6. [+33][-23] An actress.

7. [+21][-4] Wow there are a lot of twisted b*tches in the comments.

8. [+16][-6] Yoo Jimin