I know it’s obviously not, but I can’t believe they’re sticking together like this.


1. [+187][-15] Isn’t it quite fresh to see the Kai x IU duo? They have different images and I don’t think they’ve ever had any collab before. It’s so cool to see them in a 2-shot for ads.

2. [+137][-21] Ever since Kai and IU became their models, BLACKYAK’s sales skyrocketed and their brand image turned into ‘young and hot’.

3. [+106][-12] I think they have decent chemistry though. It’s just that at first people kept on saying it’s a 2nd ‘KaiStal’ that’s why. When I look at them without bias, it’s not like they don’t match each other.

4. [+37][-53] There’s no chemistry between them at all.

5. [+28][-1] At least it’s better than last time kekeke Less awkward.

6. [+28][-0] Check out Kai’s new pictorial. He looks like the main character of a novel.

7. [+27][-2] Wow, because of the models the brand suddenly started looking trendier kekekeke

8. [+22][-4] Kai has a classy vibe, which is why he has so many commercials. His visuals and proportions are good too.

9. [+17][-1] I realise that they both picked really good names for themselves. Kai is so Kai and IU is so IU. Here’s a picture of Kai from my gallery.