Why is she so pretty even when she’s crying, f…


1. [+108][-23] Karina is seriously always in the spotlight, she’s so hated on Pann kekekekekekekeke Why are there so many downvotes kekekekeke

2. [+85][-19] No but why is she crying like a dumpling, so fxxking cute……

3. [+54][-11] Am I the only one whose heart aches.. She’s been suffering from all those rumors and malicious comments ever since her debut. It must’ve been extra touching when she got to confirm her fans’ love for her.

4. [+30][-47] Wow… Her acting is amazing ke

5. [+26][-6] I’m not a fan but people always talk about her being very active on Bubble so I subscribed to hers 2 days ago.. Wow, it’s so nice how she always goes on Bubble. She talks about her daily life and also posts animal pics unexpectedly.. If it stays this way I’m really gonna become a fan one day.

6. [+26][-17] Upvote downvote (to clear antis’ comments from the top comments). Baby-mozarella-cheeseball-Karina.

7. [+19][-13] Is it only me? But I can see that Karina is really soft-hearted ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please be happy.

8. [+19][-3] What kind of people sees this and calls this “acting”? Seriously….