Sharing Pics & GIFs Of MONSTA X’s Polar Bear – Son Hyunwoo, Shownu

I miss our bear…. Ministry of National Defense, bring our Shownu here….ㅠㅠ

Our Shownu who’s perfect in dancing and singing, the perfect leader with a perfect personality and variety sense… Missing you today as well…

MONSTA X is making a comeback on Nov 19 2pm KST, please show lots of support~~!!

And Monbebes who are jealous… Just bear with this one…
After today, we’ll keep MONSTA X to ourselves~~^-^


1. [+61][-1] What I like about MONSTA X: They’re really so so close with each other, that’s why it’s possible to like everyone. In fact, after being a fan for so long, I realised I only liked one member at first but as time passed that became impossible… I like all of them. Why are you guys so good? I’ve been saving a lot of money. Let’s run together forever kekekekeke

2. [+59][-0] 54

3. [+44][-0] 112

4. [+32][-0] 29

5. [+31][-0] 21

6. [+30][-0] In a video call, a monbebe asked, “If your girlfriend was angry, how would you appease her?” and he replied, “um, I won’t make my girlfriend angry”. If you look at Shownu’s usual speech and behaviour, I can see why he would say that. I envy his future wife.

7. [+28][-0] This is Son Hyunwoo, who is feeling very happy because he just ate.

8. [+27][-0] 33