I’m not saying he’s not good-looking. I just think he’s a different type of good-looking that has never existed in SM before.

It’s a bit of a stretch to say he looks like anyone. I feel like it’s SM-stans saying that.


1. [+176][-5] No such thing as SM-face, Jung Jaehyun is just fxxking good-looking.

2. [+136][-4] Jaehyun just has a Jaehyun-face. For real.

3. [+121][-4] Jaehyun is fxxking popular on FB. Ever since then, people have been saying that he himself is a trend.

4. [+56][-0] He’s good-looking, he has a clean record, he has a good attitude, he works hard, he’s never missed a stage even when he’s sick, he’s so kind it’s a crime.

5. [+51][-0] He’s a combination of what’s trendy + hint of sexy + boyish vibe.

6. [+16][-0] Really heart-fluttering.

7. [+15][-0] That’s my husband-nim.

8. [+14][-1] It’s SM’s first time having a Jaehyun-face. But Jaehyun is unrivaled kekekeke

9. [+13][-0] I love you.