Ryujin’s Life Must Be Fxxking Fun

1. Having this face & being the daughter of the director of a hospital in Gangnam the moment she’s born.

2. Watching a concert of an artist she likes (GOT7) and being casted there by the agency her fave is under.

3. Doing well in English studies when she was in school. (According to her members & ex-classmates)

4. Appearing in a famous celeb’s MV and in a movie before her debut.

5. Participating in a survival show and remaining as the 1st place throughout.

6. Debuting as the centre of a girl group from a big agency.

7. Becoming the fastest girl group to achieve their first music show win.

8. Having other idols mention her and do her iconic shoulder dance a lot after it became a hit.

9. Being the most popular member in her group.

10. Having a perfect personality.

11. Having a perfect body.

12. Having a perfect face.


1. [+99][-4] + She’s only at the age of 21 when she’s achieved all of that *trembles*

2. [+50][-3] Even her name is perfect – ‘Shin Ryujin’ (shin means god in Korean). It sounds like the name of the main character in a popular novel.

3. [+40][-31] But still, she achieved all of that because of her own efforts and hard work… It must’ve been really tough for her.

4. [+24][-2] Anyone who marries Ryujin, would be living a dream life.

5. [+17][-1] I’m the most jealous of the fact that she went to a fan meeting and eventually became the junior of her favourite idols and even worked together with them after that.

6. [+11][-0] Of course, she probably worked really hard too but to be a daughter of a hospital director and then casted when she was at a fan meeting is really.. I think it was just her destiny to become a celebrity.

7. [+8][-2] Oh I didn’t know that her dad’s a doctor.

8. [+6][-0] Wow, it’s amazing that she even has a good personality.. There isn’t even a hint of a word or action or joke that Shin Ryujin has made to indicate any problematic behaviour.

9. I’m the same age as you but can I call you unnie?