Since antis like to post ugly pics of her here, I’m gonna post yesterday’s teaser where she looked pretty.

I feel like it’s a concept where she’s being held captive by Black Mamba


1. [+106][-30] The reaction was great in the male chauvinist + feminist communities and also on instiz, it’s only on Pann where people are attacking Karina’s appearance ㅠ

2. [+39][-14] I’m not her fan but even I was fxxking shook when I saw this because honestly this is just objectively fxxking beautiful, no..? There are 99 good pics of her but y’all just had to pick on that one bad pic of her and humiliate her with it.

3. [+38][-26] Is this kind of face considered pretty nowadays? She looks like a mantis…

4. [+17][-8] The styling is legendary though…?? I like it because she looks like a fxxking innocent, piteous main character from a comic.

5. [+9][-9] A selfie taken while wearing a school uniform in middle school.