She really suits the high-teen concept perfectly..


1. [+171][-70] What’s amazing about Karina is: When she debuted, she was tortured by rumors+SM-antis and heavily criticised. Her image was ruined, but through her own efforts, her performances and her skills, she managed to gain fans’ love and she made it here today. She hasn’t been involved in any controversy since debut either.

2. [+124][-24] I’m a fan of another girl group who’s just passing by, but I think Karina’s really fxxking pretty. I’m not her fan but I saved this pic. I think she suits the blusher.

3. [+108][-35] Apparently that’s a screenshot from a video. No photoshopping, nothing.

4. [+48][-12] She’s really getting prettier day by day.. Pann-nyeos who think they’re gonna be prettier than her if they enter SM are just embarrassing.
5. [+33][-8] She really has the kind of face that will attract both female and male fans.