How can the 4 members be Jennie Rosé Jisoo and Lisa..

All 4 of them have top-tier visuals, talent and popularity..

It’s just like putting centres together in the same group…


1. [+73][-42] Because they’re a group created when YG was most successful and their pool of trainees was fxxking insane.. Of course they’re gonna be good because only the ones who are good at vocals and rap can survive, for instance Jennie who trained for 6 years keke As for their visuals, everyone from the Big 3 are that good-looking. BLACKPINK’s vocals and rap are Billboard-level.

2. [+62][-10] JenChuLiChaeng… All 4 of them are fxxking amazing. Every time I see their group pics, should I say I feel like the pics look very filled even though there’s only 4 of them? Anyway, I fxxking like their group pics.

3. [51][-9] Agreed.

4. [+36][-44] The ones who have top-tier visuals are Jisoo and Jennie, but I dunno about Jisoo’s talent being top-tier.. None of them are top-tier in singing, dancing or rapping though.

5. [+29][-5] YG really worked so fxxking hard to make this group keke An unsurpassable girl group.

6. [+17][-11] Face + height + skills + group dynamics (members all get along). There is a reason why they’re so admired.

7. [+12][-4] Are there any other girl groups that have a better combination of singing, dancing and visuals than Blackpink? I’m a male idol group fan so I’m asking because I really don’t know if there are any.

8. [+12][-0] Blackpink is the best example of how important good styling is.