I only recently joined the fandom and these are photos that I saved recently since it’s Namjoonie’s birthday (Sep 12).

I really like all of these pictures that capture the unique feel that Namjoon has.

This is a pic of him with the maknae line haha.

Everyone, please post many pics like this of Namjoonie!!

++ Thank you for sharing many beautiful pics in the comments!!


1. [+158][-1] I also have a ton of photos saved because I like Namjoonie’s photography style. I want to give my photo gallery directly to you..

2. [+138][-1] Kim-daily.

3. [+125][-0] I also like this kinda vibe.

4. [+70][-64] (Agree or disagree please) Kim Namjoon, happy birthday!!!

5. [+54][-2] I really love this pic.

6. [+47][-0] Wow….I read all the comments from start to finish and I enjoyed it. The photos are all so comfortable to look at but the composition is really art. The fashion is cool too, and RM is really cool. It feels like I’m on a trip. It would be nice to have a real photo album. Namjoon writes lyrics really well and I’ve always been amazed by his words, but today I’m amazed by his photos.

7. [+39][-0] Happy Birthday Namjoonie

8. [+37][-1] .

9. [+32][-0] ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+31][-0] Just walking

11. [+28][-0] This is my favorite.