I thought about this after saving the GIF above:

V feels really masculine and cool but after finding out about him he’s so cute and innocent,

whereas I only thought Jungkook looks cute but surprisingly he’s manly and reliable…

Just one month ago, I never expected myself to have protective instincts for V, using crying emojis all the time,

and I didn’t expect my mouth to hurt from saying ‘Jungkookie is a super handsome sexy guy’ too much…

Life’s more interesting and worthy thanks to them. I woke up early today, gotta wake up early tomorrow too.


1. [+177][-6] Both of them are super handsome and their personalities are kinda similar. Jungkook is easygoing and V is gentle. Anyway, both of them are like kids and they’re happy-go-lucky.

2. [+164][-6] Both of them are cute, chodingz ㅠㅠ They have many things in common in their personalities – they both go their own way and they’re both humble kekeke They’re good-looking and their personalities are charming.

3. [+157][-4] Chodingz ㅠㅠ

4. [+92][-2] Kids, saranghanda.

5. [+64][-1] Ohhhhhhhhhh chodingz are so cool today ㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+66][-1] Chodingz is so cute kekekeke

7. [+64][-64] Upvote downvote pls

8. [+55][-1] Bulletproof maknaes are perfect.

9. [+47][-1] Best face fit