BTS filmed a promotional video for the tourist spots in Seoul, singing ‘EoGiYeongCha’ (a chant used to give each other strength) throughout the video.

It almost felt like they filmed an MV kekekekekekeke

Sharing GIFs of each member’s individual part.

This is a promotional video for Seoul but it felt like traditional music as well and the members were also fxxking good; the hanbok styling seem to play a part too.

It’s very nice to see them promoting Seoul with a different concept. The response is surely going to be good.

I’m proud of BTS in many ways, for real.


1. [+202][-7] What Jeon Jungkook is hitting is my left atrium and right ventricle; what Min Yoongi is conducting is my mind.

2. [+101][-2] I’m really so excited. King-tan is awesome.

3. [+90][-1] It’s really fxxking good.

4. [+35][-1] It kinda felt like ‘Idol’ era, I’m so happy ㅠㅠㅠ  


5. [+31][-3] Really insane, hoohahooha.


6. [+29][-0] The interesting this is none of the members are from Seoul haha.

7. [+27][-0] I’m a fan of another group, but I think this is so cool. Bts is impressive, but the other performers are also impressive. I was also touched by the music they chose. I was so moved by the repetition of Eo Gi Young Cha and maybe it’s just me, but I felt like I received strength from it. Each member also came out so cool, and their movements, facial expression and music was all so good. Suga’s hand gestures at the end like he was a music conductor felt cathartic and Jungkook’s drumming was like real art. Its like saying free yourself and live in beautiful Seoul. I really feel like foreigners watching this would want to come and visit Seoul. All in all, as expected of Bangtan.

8. [+18][-1] What’s with the power and speed of Jungkook’s drumming? No, and his face is insane ㅋㅋㅋ He’s been affecting my heart since yesterday, Jeon Jungkook please stop! ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

9. Yoongi, you’re so cool.

10. [+17][-0] Cool.

11. [+14][-2] “Jin-sim” lol. (Jinsim means sincerity in Korean, so its a pun using Jin’s name).