Under controversy because she’s too sweet haha People are always tryna attract aggros by saying bullshit like ‘… currently under controversy’ whenever she does something so I tried to do the same with something sweet she’s done. 

Ahh idk, Kim Jennie saranghae~


1. [+115][-5] If it’s about Jennie’s fansign controversy we can’t leave this one out.

Fan: Why are you always wearing the same T-shirt?

Jennie: I do?!

Fan: Yes, Cute-T! (Cutie)

Jennie: *Laughs*

2. [+80][-7] Pretty Jennie?

3. [+56][-6] Treasure Kim Jennie.

4. [+29][-4] There are so many legendary moments from Jennie’s fansigns, this is one of many sweet sweet Jennie. 

Jennie: *scribbling a heart*

Me: Jennie ahh I told you to write ‘unnie’ ㅜㅜㅜ

Jennie: Then I’ll just write ‘unnie’ together with the heart like this!


5. [+29][-2] Of course that’s a controversy, go on Talkers’ Choice right now.

6. [+22][-1] Sweet Jen

7. [+19][-2] She’s being like that without paying for the fees to cure fans’ hearts? She’s giving them a disease but instead of giving them meds she’s giving them a relapse.

8. [+18][-2] Sense Jen, saranghae.

Fan: A friend of mine who went to Australia together with me didn’t manage to get into the fansign, please wave your hand at the 2 o’clock direction please.. keke

Kim Jen: 2 o’clock direction? keke *waves hand while smiling cutely*

Love her so much ㅠㅠ

9. [+13][-1] COVID, go away please, I wanna attend BP’s fansigns.

10. [+11][-2] They’re the best ㅠㅠ

11. [+9][-2] I have the hobby of looking at Jennie’s GIFs, all of them are pretty…